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Japan's Liberal Democratic Party than the Democratic Party

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BEIJING, Nov. 24,moncler according to Kyodo news agency Xinhua 23,24 implementation of a two-day

national emergency telephone public opinion survey, Naoto Kan, the Cabinet's support rate fell to 23.6% from the previous survey earlier this

month, fell another 32.7% 9.1 percentage points, lower than 30% of the warning line, is considered difficult to maintain the power to enter

the "danger zone." moncler jackets Democratic support has fallen from 28.6% to the last survey by

22.1%, Liberal Democratic Party to support rate rose to 24.6%. This is Naoto Kan, the Cabinet support rate for the first time since coming to

power by the LDP lead. prada shoes

Kyodo reported that the Senate on the opposition parties want to submit to the chief Paradise Valley for the accountability of the resolution

of people,prada sunglasses more than half 55.5% of people said "do not need to resign," that

"should resign," only 35.8% of the people. Infrastructure and Transport requirements phase Sumio Mabuchi 23.1% who resigned,

coach coupons outlet the resignation of the people that do not need 69.3%.

Cabinet discount coach bags do not support rate from 48.6% in the previous survey to 61.9%. Minoru

Yanagida on the resignation of wears, 77.2% of people considered "entitlement". In addition, that "the Prime Minister did not play

leadership" people increased to 78.5%.

U.S.moncler Futenma Air Station on (in Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture) of the relocation

sites, 26.5% answered "moved abroad", 23.6% of respondents moved to "the city of Nago, Okinawa Prefecture wild side of the ancient region."

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