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Iraq said 39 al Qaeda members arrested

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1Iraq said 39 al Qaeda members arrested  Empty Iraq said 39 al Qaeda members arrested on Thu Dec 02, 2010 10:17 pm

BAGHDAD, Dec. coach bags 2 (Xinhua Yan Yan Song Dan) 2, said the Iraqi government, Iraqi security forces recently arrested 39 "base" Qaeda militants, including the "base" organizations in the rampant violence, the leaders of the western Anbar province .

Iraqi Interior Minister Bo Lani said at a news conference the same day, Iraqi security forces over the past five weeks has been the implementation of counter-terrorism operations in Anbar province, a total so far arrested 39 "base" members, including their leaders in Anbar province ,coach handbags but did not mention the person's name.

Interior Ministry Maj. Gen. Hussein, head of counter-terrorism operations on the media that has long wanted the "base" organization branch in Iraq, "Islamic State of Iraq" and "security minister" Zaoui has also been captured in the fight against terrorism.

Iraqi coach boots security forces this year, continuously made new progress in fight against terrorism, including killing the "base" before the top leaders of al-Masri in Iraq and the "Islamic State of Iraq" leaders Baghdadi. But violence is still rampant in all the past year has resulted in thousands of casualties. With the formation of various Iraqi political forces to agree on new government in general, the relative improvement in the security situation in Iraq recently, in November the number of deaths caused by violent attacks dropped to the lowest this year.

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