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Russia will provide air defense missile system in Kazakhstan

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China news agency, Moscow, December prada sunglasses 8 (Reporter Tian Bing) - Kovalchuk 8 Russian Defense Ministry spokesman told the media, Russia, Kazakhstan will provide air defense missile system S-300. Russian media reported that the two countries will build a unified air defense system.

Kovalchuk Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov in Kazakhstan in Moscow, Defense Minister Jia Kese Cove at the other end of the talks, said after the military, to strengthen their common defense space, the two sides discussed the direction of Kazakhstan and Russia to provide S-300 surface to air missile system problems. At present the two sides are related to specific documents on this draft.

Kovalchuk also revealed that the two defense ministers also discussed other areas of military and space cooperation. Kazakhstan to join Russia, prada handbags Russia proposed missile warning and space surveillance system, and with the Russian "GLONASS" global satellite navigation system to cooperate. In addition, the Russian armed forces will help Kazakhstan build a modern automated control systems.

In addition, prada shoes the Itar-Tass quoted air force chief of Kazakhstan Sorokin as saying the Russian regions and Kazakhstan to establish a unified air defense system, "We have agreed to establish in Russia and Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus is similar to the unity of the region between air defense system. "He also said that Kazakhstan will be fully responsible for air defense forces along the border of Kazakhstan to defend the work of Russian airspace.

Last February, the Russian Air Force Commander Zelin announced that the CIS has begun in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia region in three directions to establish an integrated joint air defense system. Zelin said the formation of a unified regional air defense system's decision was "timely and thoughtful", "warning that the system can not only perform the task, and the invasion of the enemy will be hit back."

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