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CIA in Pakistan spy chief was recalled because of disclosure of the identity

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China news agency, Washington,coach outlet December 17 (Reporter De Yongjian) - U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) intelligence chief in Pakistan passed a result of exposure to the recall as the country, so Obama in the fight against the "base" suffered another setback organization's anti-terrorism operations.

17 Associated Press quoted an anonymous official as saying that, this charge was 16, set off for home. Because of the special status, the report did not disclose the person's name, public office and other details.

The recall and Pakistan has recently launched the "anti-American wave of" relevant. Since early this month, Pakistan's capital Islamabad on the number of people in the field of assembly, condemned the U.S. air strike in the local when the innocent, and then was brought to litigation, appeal to the arrest and trial of the CIA in Pakistan's intelligence director.

Protesters at the demonstration held high the name printed on the signs that a supervisor asked him to leave Pakistan as soon as possible, then the supervisor's name hit the newspapers, coach poppy related litigation lawyer to draw his name will be written into the complaint, so that the identity of the person completely exposed.

The Associated Press reported that fear of exposure or were unexpected as the authorities finally decided that this supervisor recall the United States. Washington and Islamabad are now the identity of this person exposed mollified brought litigation lawyer, said he received from the local press this supervisor's factory outlet

Since Obama took office, hiding in Pakistan in order to crush the "base" forces, has been scheming to improve relations with Pakistan, but this year, the U.S. military launched air strikes in harm to innocent people when growing numbers, so that the people of Pakistan very angry, anti-American sentiment rising, the Pakistani government has also repeatedly criticized the raid violated the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, asked the U.S. military caution. (End)

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