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Obama proposed that employees do not pay the next two years

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WASHINGTON, Nov. moncler 29 (Xinhua Jiang Xufeng Liu Lina) 29th U.S. President Barack Obama said

that given the high public debt the United States, the proposed federal government employees in 2011 and 2012 to maintain the current wage

level, not Enjoy pay treatment.

Obama held a news conference in Washington, moncler jackets said the proposed fiscal year 2011,

saving 20 billion in spending over the next five years to save 28 billion U.S. dollars in expenses. The wage "freeze" proposal covering all

U.S. federal government employees, including Department of Defense civilian employees, but does not include military personnel.

Obama's proposal needs to be approved by the U.S. Congress. prada shoes

Obama said: "The U.S. deficit and reduce the U.S. fiscal position is sustainable, the cooperation of Democrats and Republicans need to cut

unnecessary spending, which we all do need to make sacrifices." prada sunglasses

The White House said in a statement the same day: "This is not an easy decision to freeze the pay of employees of the federal government is

not a punishment,coach coupons outlet but we are going to reduce the deficit to take a number of

initiatives." coach bags Treasury data show that for fiscal year 2010 (ending September 30 this

year), the U.S. federal budget deficit close to 1.3 trillion over the previous fiscal year has declined, but the proportion of GDP is still

as high as 8.9% the fiscal deficit problem remains severe, long-term development has become a major U.S. economic worries.

Budget deficit under control the U.S.moncler Congress Committee on 10 May issued a draft report

that the United States must reform health care and social security and other public welfare policy, tax reform to reduce the huge budget

deficit.moncler jackets Obama set in February this year by the 18-member Democratic and

Republican Congressional Budget Control Committee to study the control of expenditure and taxation options. The Committee is scheduled to be

submitted to Congress this year, early in December the official report on reducing the fiscal deficit.

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