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Iranian nuclear experts captured some of the terrorists attacks

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TEHRAN, Dec. 2 (Xinhua source Jianghe Guang Du Hai) Iranian Intelligence Minister 海达尔穆斯 Lee 2, said that Iran had arrested some

suspected of involvement in November 29 on coach coupons outlet provide two nuclear physics

professor at the University implementation of the bomb attacks, resulting in dead and another injured terrorist.

Iran's Press TV quoted Lee as saying that Muslims, along with the arrest of these criminals, we obtain other relevant figures capture

new leads.

Moose Lee said that the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, the CIA and British Junqingliuchu involved in these attacks, but he did

not disclose the identity of arrested terrorists were arrested and the specific time.

November 29, discount coach bags professor of physics at the University mentioned in

Calabria Shah was driving on the street, a motorcycle near the car, the bomb attached to the car to leave the body quickly, then the

bomb exploded, Shah Maria in killed, wounded his wife. Another university professor of physics at the same Abbasi and his wife were

attacked and two were injured.

Iranian media reported that the Shah was Beheshti University of Liberia in engineering physics professor, he was "responsible for the

Atomic Energy Organization of Iran is an important project," but also "the Middle East Synchrotron Light Source Experimental Science

and Applications Program," an important member. coach coupon 2010 The Professor Abbasi

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran, Imam Hussein University, founded as the Department of Physics, Iran "minority can be

isolated from one isotope of nuclear physicists."

Iranian Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar told the media after the explosion, said the CIA and Israeli intelligence agency

Mossad to stop Iran's "nuclear progress", jointly produced two explosions attacks.

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