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Japanese spacecraft lost contact after the arrival of Venus

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Xinhua People's Daily on December 8 Venus, also known as "Morning Star" or "Venus Star", is that we can see the night sky using the naked eye the brightest star. It is with the Earth in size, thus known as the Earth's "twin brother." Developed in Japan, "Dawn" Venus probe arrived in the vicinity of 7, plans to start flying around Venus and launched a series of exploration activities.

However,prada handbags sale the "Dawn" detectors are now experiencing no small trouble. 7 Earlier, ground controllers lost contact with it once. Later that day, barely connected to the signal problems again, and now the ground technical staff and the detector failed to restore contact. Many are worried about cost of $ 300,000,000 Fengyun exploration satellite will be built from "Oz not see."

"Dawn" probe on May 20 this year launch, prada handbags its main task is to monitor volcanic activity on Venus, the atmosphere of Venus for the human studies provide a wide range of data, in particular to determine whether there is lightning on the planet phenomenon. It is reported that, "Dawn" from the surface of Venus probe nearest track less than 300 kilometers, and plans to operate two years around Venus.

Japanese Space Agency, "Dawn" detector is equipped with three communication antennas, and now only a faint signal barely. As the angle of the problem, the monitoring base in Japan can not receive signals from the antenna, NASA can only be entrusted with the "Dawn" keep in touch. Earlier, prada outlet Japan's ambitious Mars exploration plans once, because of technical reasons, in the last failed.

According to the schedule, prada shoes on sale the satellite into elliptical orbit, it will enable high-definition portable cameras 5 to carry out comprehensive observation of Venus. If the satellite did not reverse the successful completion of injection, the detector will not reach its intended orbit, or can not establish normal contact with the ground, it means that it can not enter orbit, and lead this exploration program ended in failure. National Space Agency, said, "Dawn" was only one chance to enter the orbit of Venus.

In recent years, the results of Japan made a lot of space. Earlier, Japan's successful launch of the probe sent back from space, "cosmic dust" in order to understand the secrets of the solar system provides a valuable material. Last year, a period of 19 months of the Japanese lunar exploration activities are successful, particularly the lunar surface to grasp the situation of mineral division. In addition, the development of launch vehicles is also popular.

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