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Japanese Prime Minister, the four northern islands to be visited

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Naoto Kan, prada sunglasses Japanese Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary were Maehara has declared that Russia intends to disputed territory of South Kuril Islands, Japan (Japan called "the four northern islands") for "inspection." Russian foreign authorities on December 3 for a response to this, saying "no objection."

Japan's Mainichi Broadcasting prada handbags (MBS) News December 3 citing Interfax reported that Russian Foreign Ministry official Sazuonuofu a press conference in 2 to day summit intended to "visit", said the South Kuril Islands, "Japanese leaders interested in their territory from Russia, overlooking our beautiful natural scenery, we would not oppose a little bit."

According to reports, prada shoes Maehara will be on December 4 to visit Nemuro, Hokkaido, the Kuril Islands to South is expected to "aerial inspections." Naoto Kan, has also expressed interest in the South Kuril Islands, "landing inspections." According to the Global Times

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