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Measures to be introduced in Seoul, Korea

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1Measures to be introduced in Seoul, Korea  Empty Measures to be introduced in Seoul, Korea on Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:05 pm

AP 6, moncler the South Korean government official said Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education intends to introduce measures to protect teachers from students violence.

South Korean students on campus more than the recent violence incidents against teachers, the batterer and even primary school students. Federation of Teachers last week launched an emergency support system to deal with violence and other violations of teachers to students complaints.

In addition, moncler outlet the Seoul Office of Education intends to specify the country of 33 special education centers for the poor behavior of students with special consultative psychological treatment for one week.

Director of the Office of Education in Seoul Guo Lu-hyun urged the previous ban on the introduction of a punishment. Some teachers oppose the ban incurred. They believe that if students do not allow corporal punishment, then the teacher will face the bad behavior of students helpless.

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